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Mambo Box Braid

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Mambo Box Braid

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Mambo Box Braid -Crochet Braid by Sleek, pre-styled for latch-hook application.


Mambo Box Braid -Crochet Braid by Sleek 

Sleek's Fashion Idol Express™ Crochet Braids range is a collection of crochet friendly braided styles in signature Fashion Idol Express™ cutting edge fashion and superb quality. This gives the fashion conscious wearer a natural looking style in no time!

This collection of crochet braids designed specifically for latch-hook application offer extra value as they can all be unbraided for contemporary twist-out styles.

 Fashion Idol Express™ features Sleek's most affordable products made with great value premium quality synthetic hair. This range gives the user access to the very latest hair trends at a purse-friendly price, and freedom to express their individuality in the fastest, most economical way possible.


Super Soft Texture - Satin soft fibres that are comfortable against the skin and less irritating to the scalp.

Super Light - Provides huge volume, real 'big hair' without much weight.

Easy Braid - Gentle on fingers, easy to braid.

Easy Brush - No tangle or frizz when brushing through.

Easy Lock Ends - Braids don't unravel, even before hot-water sealing.

2 in 1 Style - Can be unbraided/unravelled for twist-out alternative style

Natural Look - Looks real and healthy.

Flame Retardant - Auto seal coating gives protection from flames.

Hot Water Seal - Can be styled in hot water, rollers will give you curls.

Reduced Tangling - Not prone to tangling or matting.

Protective Style - Tuck your hair away in cornrows for some R & R and still look natural an glamorous.

Handmade - For authentic salon looks.