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Monobraid #27-Honey Blonde and #613-Light Pale Blonde back in stock. (Spring 2012)

These popular colours of the silky Kanekalon Monobraid are back in stock.

Elysee Star Dreads Light Blue

Elysee Star have changed the colour Light Blue again.  We have uploaded a photo to act as a colour guide to these light blue dreadlock extensions on the ESD page.

New Luxury Hair Extensions

It’s a well known fact that we are the only internet retailer authorised to sell Celebrity Elite Bohyme Remi.  It is a somewhat less known fact that we can arrange supply of Cinderella hair extensions to salons and qualified stylists (qualifications are strictly checked)

Now we are proud to announce the addition of another premium brand to our range.

Remy Couture Premium 100% Human Hair Extensions by Sleek is a new offering of the very best in hair extensions from a company with a long pedigree. This new brand is part of the company’s drive to create more top-end salon friendly luxury hair extensions and we expect more in the same vein from them soon.

Festive Season Special: Recession Beater (Dec 2011)

Short days; grey, wet, dreary, cold, short days. . . It’s that time again unless you are one of our customers who is fortunate enough to live in a tropical paradise. As winter sets in, so does the recession, it takes so much more to fuel a car or heat a house but it is harder to find or keep a job. Almost everybody is making cuts somewhere in their budget. Here are some of the recession-beating ideas that our customers have come up with.
1. Using clip-ins instead of applied extensions: As clip-ins are removed and hung up before going to bed, they do not go through the wear and tear that comes with pillow contact and subsequent morning brushing so they look great for longer.
2. Making DIY custom clip-ins: Of late, our customer-care lines have been kept busy advising on how this is easily done. Of course, the customers can choose much better quality hair (No manufacturer makes (real) Remi quadruple-drawn clip-ins) and pay less for their superior ‘custom’ clip-ins than they would for regular quality off-the-shelf ones
3. Switching to better hair: This is not as silly as it sounds. When you work out the cost of truly superior hair such as Bohyme Remi that can be used and reused with moderate care for 6 months (longer with good care) versus buying cheaper hair every 4-6 weeks and paying your stylist more often too, many people find that the ‘expensive’ hair is better value. . .
4. Switching to cheaper hair: The latest man-made high-temperature fibres are getting better to look at and to touch. Our range of Futura wefts has never been so popular and we will be increasing the range over the next few weeks.
5. Going cheap and cheerful: Old favourites like Jumbo braids and Afro-kinky twists are doing very well right now. Staples like our low-priced Elysee Star Dreads also continue to go strong
As the world’s financial problems continue, our customers continue to look their best, thanks to a little ingenuity
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hair style of the hottest celebrities continues. So far, we have featured Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.
Autumn Newsletter (Oct 2011)
It’s officially Autumn and the leaves are changing colour. Here in England we have had a brief heatwave that kept the trousers short and the skirts mini for the last week of September but all good things come to an end and the time has come for cooler weather fashions.
As we dust off our jackets and air our cardigans, we can wear our hair down and longer is once again better. It’s cool enough to wear seriously ‘big’ hair without getting all steamy and our Autumn newsletter shows you what’s hot when the weather’s cool.
Our new Magic Tone line of wefted hair extensions from the creators of Cinderella Hair is proving to be very popular as ladies look for great quality that will last longer and not cost an arm and a leg in these troubled times. Designed to be easy to heat-style and colour, this hair is being snapped up by stylists and end users alike. It’s on top of our what’s hot chart this edition.
Styles are changing as the weather cools and moving from up-dos, bobs and short wigs to looks that are longer and fuller and include long braided Expression and Kanekalon Jumbo braids, full human hair extensions (permanent and clip-in) and long wigs.
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hair style of the hottest celebrities continues with Nicki Minaj currently featuring.
Summer! Hot weather special on short wigs (July 2011)
Then followed that beautiful season… Summer…. Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow –
Longfellow must have time-travelled to Glastonbury when he wrote that. Magical light and new landscapes of mud that look like they have been trampled by armies of children in wellies? It is definitely the season of music festivals. Glastonbury’s past but loads more to come with Hole in the wall, V and Wickerman being some of our customers’ favourites. Right now bright colours are flying off the shelves and Elysee Star dreads sales are peaking. This happens around this time every year so we’re prepared for the rush but it’s always seems crazier each year. . .
Away from the festival scene, shorter, cooler styles are doing very well. We have introduced a range of short wigs from LATrend; Bang-on-trend short styles inspired by Keri Hilson, Rihanna, Pink, Kelly Rowland and Halle Berry, many of these come with a sharp streak of colour that is perfect for summer. They are great value already but we have made them even better with a money off voucher in this newsletter.
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hair style of the hottest celebrities continues with Rihanna currently featuring.
Hair Clearance and Spring Wedding Special (May 2011)
It’s Wedding Season!
After the wedding of the year, decade or even millenium, it is hardly surprising that the latest bang-on-trend look for brides is dark; contrasting nicely with their veils, long but subtle; therefore elegant and styled with a sidewept fringe pinned back for the ceremony and set free for the reception. Kate Middleton obviously hit the right note to have inspired so many. . . Any bride who is planning their big day can find everything they need at 1 Stop Hair. Whether you fancy Kate’s look or not, We can have you set up with an elegant hairstyle that is formal for the ceremony, drop-dead gorgeous for the reception and unforgettable for the after-party. Right now we are taking lots of calls from wedding planners, wedding bestsellers are 20 inch straight extensions and sideswept fringes, more darks than blondes and there is a trend to have all the bridesmaids in matching bangs so we are selling the clip-in fringes in batches of anything from 2 to 6. . .
In the aisles, wedding guests are choosing to look their best with minimum fuss and expense and are going for instant extensions, here the tendency is more towards long wavy and blonde. In many cases, the long ponytail is worn forward over the shoulder, accentuating the décolleté summer dresses. Glamour and Santiago are the season’s pieces of choice. Check them out in the bestseller list this issue.
Huge Hair Stock Clearance!
We are clearing a number of end-of-line items, never to be seen again. Choose from popular synthetic styles like KK Jumbo at £1 a pack or go for the pick of the bunch and get hand-tied Remi at 30% off RRP.
These lines are going fast and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Get in quick!
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hair style of the hottest celebrities continues with Rihanna featuring next. You can still catch the previous celebrities as well, so far we have featured the hairstyles of Megan Fox, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole.
Longer, Fuller Hair in 30 Seconds! (Mar 2011)
The current sensation in the world of hair extensions is instant, ready in seconds pop-on extensions.  The world is discovering that clip-on and clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to achieve great length and volume without visiting a salon or stylist.  Ladies are enhancing their hair in seconds, this is the ultimate quick-fix solution to changing a look; no glue, no sewing, no braiding, no fuss
We offer clip-in  and clip-on hair extensions in a wide variety of great colours, lengths, styles and prices.
In seconds, you can have longer hair, more volume, a fringe, bangs, highlights, lowlights and even fun wacky colours like purple and pink.  Right now the bright colours are flying off the shelves as people get in on the ‘colour blocking’ fashion trend.
There’s a clip-in for everybody, we sell full head sets, single 6-clip pieces, 2-piece and 3-piece packs with special temple hair enhancements for framing the face. We have funky coloured streaks, instant clip-in fringes and bangs.
We have brands like; Sleek, Top Model, I&K, LATrend, 1st Lady and supply 100% human hair of European, Indian and Chinese origin.
These will generally outlast permanent hair extensions for the simple reason that most people do not sleep in them and it is easy to care for them off the head.  Most people will get several months of wear from any of the pieces offered here. Most of them can be coloured and all of them can be heat-styled.
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hair style of the hottest celebrities continues with Megan Fox currently featuring.  You can still catch the  previous celebrities as well, so far we have featured the hairstyles of Beyonce and Cheryl Cole
Red is the New Black! (Feb 2011)
Red, auburn, chestnut, burgundy, flaming, incandescent, hot hair is still the raging trend.  We went red in 2010 and 2011 is off to a flaming start too.
The gorgeous Geordie goddess, Cheryl Cole’s trademark long wavy extensions continue to captivate from stage and screen,  Rihanna’s gone red, Nicole Kidman is has gone back to her natural red,  Glee’s Jayma Mays, Twilight’s Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Hendricks, Lindsay Lohan, Isla Fisher, Debra Messing. . . Everywhere you look, there are redheaded beauties and this trend is reflected in the sale of hair extensions, we have added hot new red shades to our range, Look for these new colours: #34, #135, #99B #99J  It’s never been easier to have long red hair!
We have introduced a new line of clip-in fringes and they have proved so popular that we had to place emergency orders to get more stock just a few days after we began to sell them.  They are shown here in the ‘What’s Hot’ section of this newsletter. . .
The blog that tells you how to recreate the hairstyles of the hottest celebrities continues with Cheryl Cole currently featuring.
PARTY SEASON! (Dec 2010)
This time of year is all about quick and easy hair extensions! We are experiencing a raging flood of demand for instant hair extensions. Every type of clip-in, clip-on and pony-tail piece is flying off the shelves and it’s easy to see why; party, party, party!  Everybody wants to look special for their office, Xmas, new year or end of year party and it’s so easy to clip in and go!
Another trend we have noticed is that many of our customers are opting for the best of both worlds as they buy top-quality hair and dozens of clips to make their own custom clip-ins. The European Wefted Indian hair at 20 and 24 inches is the most popular for DIY clip-ins. [See the Hot Products section of this newsletter]
Bright colours are also in high demand as folks braid, bond and dread styles intended to put the Xmas decorations to shame.
The Blog is now live with its inaugural post on Beyonce’s hair.
Keep an eye on it as we explore celebrity hairstyles and how to recreate their looks, future posts to feature; Megan Fox, Kelly Rowland, Cheryl Cole. . .
Last Posting Dates:
To avoid loss/delay of parcels that inevitably happens in the seasonal flood of presents and cards, we start to taper our services towards the end of the year.
From the 9th of December to the 3rd of January  there will be no International Airmail.
From the 13th of December to the 3rd of January, there will be no Airsure.
From the 22nd of December to the 3rd of January, there will be no orders sent.
The last date for order of any kind is the 21st of December. Orders placed between the 22nd of December and the 3rd of January will be sent from the 4th of January.
As thoughts turn towards the festive season and office parties, now is the season to be clipped-in.
Whether you want something long and elegant, wavy and contemporary or colourful and whimsical, we have instant extensions to suit you starting at under a tenner, you can change your look for the office party (or even go in disguise if you are intending to have too good a time. . .)
Check out what’s hot in instant extensions in this edition!
New stocks now in of new aluminium tube [long] style  and silicon lined micro-rings (linkies)
All styles of European Virgin Cuticle Hair that sold out in October now back in stock [but selling fast]
Attention Hair Extension professionals!
You are already familiar with at least one of our online hair extension stores. You either shop at or at or in a few cases at both.
Of course, it doesn’t matter which of our webstores you prefer to shop at, you will always get the same courtesy, expertise and good old fashioned customer care!

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