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Step by Step - How to apply Cinderella ( U-tip / nail-tip ) hair extensions

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Step By Step - How To Apply Pre-bonded Cinderella Hair Extensions  
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  Cinderella Hair application step 1
Cinderella Hair application step 2
Cinderella Hair application step 3
Hair was washed and dried using a pH Balanced shampoo and no conditioner, then starting at the back of the head, about a centimeter from the hairline, hair was sectioned into a horizontal row and extensions applied.
Working across the row, tiny strands of hair were attached to each extension using Cinderella Protein Bonds and its applicator
Extensions were applied in alternating shades of mid and dark brown, ensuring the probe only touched the bond.

Another section was taken a centimeter above the first, working in a horseshoe pattern up the head.
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  Cinderella Hair application step 4
Cinderella Hair application step 5
Cinderella Hair application step 6
Once the crown was completed the hair was blow-dried straight.

Meanwhile, to prevent a build-up of product, the applicator was cleaned using a dark cloth and washing-up liquid.

Starting on the right-hand side, hair was sectioned a centimetre above the hairline and extensions were applied, still alternating mid and dark brown. This was continued up the head taking 1cm sections at a time.

Working in the same way and ensuring there were no loose hairs in each section, this was continued on the other side to the temple area, using a shield to protect the scalp.
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Cinderella Hair application step 7
Cinderella Hair application step 8
At the temple area extensions were applied in a more rounded pattern , pivoting towards the centre of the head and working in the direction of the hairline.
Cutting into style and shape.