Synthetic & Real Human Hair Pieces & Extensions

Zen Ultimate Prebonded Nail-Tip Hair

Zen Ultimate Prebonded Nail-Tip Hair

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Fantastic pre-bonded natural hair extensions.


Zen Ultimate prebonded nail-tip (U-Tip) strands
Ultimate by Zen, hand picked 'baby-remy', 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair.
Zen uses only carefully selected hair stocks to make these extremely luxurious and durable professional grade hair extensions
Salon owners/Mobile Stylists can contact or phone +442085024222 for promotional material and salon discounts.

Perfect-hold, strand by strand extensions using Italian keratin bonds
100% Premium Grade Remy Human Hair
Zen's ultimate grade, also available in Stick-Tip (I-Tip) for use with micro-links is quite simply, the best quality in prebonded hair available bar none

Ultimate quality: Zen ultimate is by far the best choice for quality at any price point.

Tangle-free cuticle-aligned, 100% natural human hair: With over 20 years in the industry, making hair for other big brands, Zen's quality control is second to none and quality is never compromised or out-sourced. It's in the detail, every strand is carefully examined to ensure a flawless root-to-tip luxury product

Super-drawn: This hair is better than triple-drawn, it is drawn to full ratio. There are no short strands at all.

Perfect Hold: The very latest developments in protein hair bonds are used in the original Italian keratin for bonds that are harmless to hair, do not slip or crumble and come out easily when the remover is applied.

Longlasting Luxury: Great looking hair even after months and months of use. The exceptional longevity of the hair is industry-leading and even after repeated washing tha hair still has its deep shine and softness

Healthy Virgin Hair: Ultra-smooth, uni-directional cuticles for silky-smooth, shiny, tangle-free hair. Zen hair is meticuluously prepared to protect the natural hair cuticles from source to maintain the naturally healthy hair.

Nutritionally Optimised: The hair is fortified with the latest keratin deep-conditioning process which penetrates deep into the cortex to help maintain ultimate hydration of the hair after colouring making it lustrous and soft to touch.

50 strands of Remy hair in each pack

.8g/strand (18-inch) to 1g/strand (22-inch)

Cuticle intact and aligned

Great Colour selection including Ombre

Silky, Soft and full-volumed

Can be dyed and styled


Luxurious colour-ring and discounts (contact customer care) available for salons